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FS-80GY Single Sided PET Tape (Grey)

FS-80 Series is a single sided tape consists of 50μm polyester film and tackified acrylic adhesive which offers very good adhesion and electrical insulation properties.

  1. Excellent adhesion and electrical insulation properties.
  2. Good electrical isolation properties such as volume resistivity.
  3. Good dielectric breakdown voltage.
  4. Superior electrolytic corrosion properties.

Tape thickness : 80 μm
Adhesive Type : Tackified Acrylic (Solvent Base)
Backing Material : Polyester Film (Clear / Black / Gray)
Tensile Strength : >110N/25mm
Elongation : > 90%
Volume Resistivity : 10^11 Ω cm
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage* : 8kV
Flamability Test : Non – flammable
Temperature Resistance Short : 120° C
Temperature Resistance Long : 60° C

  1. Very suitable for electrical core or interlayer insulation or electrical isolation.
  2. Taping off and final bandage for coil winding and small motor with central coils.
  3. Secondary Electrical insulation or protective jackets for all electrical cables and wires.

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