Green Manufacturing Facility

We are more than just making tapes.

Since 2010, SB Tape deployed resources into

  • Biomass Renewable Energy
  • Advanced/Automated Equipments
  • Fully integrated Processes & Lean Manufacturing

to support productivity and efficiency with the same space and human resources.

SB Tape's 1-STOP Production Line in Single Location

a close look at our plant

Since 1995

SB has embarked on automation of its processess for decades.

On the latest decade, during Y2010 ~ Y2018, SB Tape has successfully brought down carbon emission by more large scale automation throughout its production processes which include invested in faster and wider coating machines, adoption of fully automatic slitting machines and packaging lines as the major production of finished goods.  Here is the overall improvements of carbon foot print reduction from SB’s effort:

Last Decade @ SB Tape … more than just making tapes

saved of CO2 emission per year



of CO2 saved / year



of CO2 saved / year



of CO2 saved / year

Responsible and Sustainable production.

At SB factory, we are responsible for our own waste.

Recycle up to 95% of our scraps

Resupply Overrun stocks to offer to discount stores

Innovative Products

Developed line of Eco products aligned to 3R's concepts & featuring World No .1 Biodegradable Tape

Cash & Carry

Monday to Friday: 8.30am -12.00pm; 2.00pm-4.30pm; except weekends & public holidays

Goods are held in reservation within 3 working days only.