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SB Tape Group, named after the founder late Mr. SB Toh, was founded in 1977. It was expanded in 1988, from an import and distribution business to a large-scale manufacturing entity of self-adhesive tapes, called Sweet Tape Enterprise (M) Sdn. Bhd.  In 1999, the group started its own adhesive formulation and adhesive production. Ever since then, SB Tape has strived to grow in scale mainly benefited from its outstanding coating efficiency as well as products innovation so that they could serve more extensively in different part of the world.

In short, over the years, SB Tape has harvested from its continuous R&D efforts combined with the consolidation of state-of-the-art manufacturing resources, profound industrial knowledge and dynamic marketing strategies, by 2003 SB Tape Group has climbed to the leadership position with recognition for premier quality in adhesive tape industry in Malaysia.  By the arrival of the new millennium, SB Tape Group has grown into a regional player, expanding its manufacturing activities in Jakarta, Indonesia and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam while the major manufacturing hub remained in Selangor, Malaysia.  SB Tape Group and subsdiaries is now the largest OPP Packaging Tapes manufacturer in Asia outside mainland China. 

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Product Innovation & Sustainability​

Green initiative has been the key drivers of growth for SB Tape Group from its beginning until now. Started year 1995, SB started its Green Manufacturing movement by shifting majority of its production from solvent acrylic base into emulsion acrylic base.  This has improved on the safetiness on production floor and able to produce more eco friendly products certified with REACH and RoHS compliance. Next year in 1996, SB Tape Group has invented the World No. 1 100% disposable Natural Rubber Latex Adhesive in collaboration with Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia (RRIM).  It then formulated with this unique adhesive into the 1st and only Emulsion Latex Masking  Tapes. After 10years, SB made its first breakthrough in OPP adhesive solution with Hybrid Adhesive formulation. This unique Hybrid Adhesive formulation is emulsion based that is capable to stick well under freezing point -15°C (or 5°F) and performance is comparable to Solvent-based Natural Rubber and Hotmelt OPP in each of the different applications.  

Taking sustainablity a great leap further, SB Tape Group successfully created Biodegradable OPP Tape namely SB Bio Tape, which is made of biodegradable film and organic adhesive. SB Bio Tape is non-Oxo biodegradable but tested degradation under landfill and marine environment, based on ASTM D5511 and D6691 test standards respectively. 

For years, SB has embarked on  different renewable energy, including using biomass as renewable energy to power up their coating machines. SB strives to create long-term value by taking into every consideration to operate in the ecological, social and economic environment. We endeavour to reduce our carbon footprint by focusing on waste reduction, resource efficiency, sustainability innovation and ecological sourcing. We not only develop towards eco and biodegradable products, we also design our packaging to be compact, thin and light so that the transport delivery of our products be able to minimise the energy usage.

3 areas are in particular highlight:

SB Tape Group uses only biomass, a renewable energy resources to power up our coating machines and adhesive manufacturing;

We consistently look into areas that we can improve environmental feature of our products. 

Solvent -based formulation > Water-based > Biodegradable grade

Reduce and Recycle Waste & Scrap Eco-system Management

Corporate Transformation Programme (CTP) and Vision

The CTP was introduced in 2011, as a new development strategy in enhancing product positioning, manufacturing efficiency, increased employer and employee relationship as well as future business expansion plans to bring SB Tape Group to a greater height.

Under CTP, SB Tape Group sets its Vision to be Asia No. 1 OPP Tape Producer by the Year 2015 and World’s first manufacturer of Bio Tape by 2020. Today, SB Tape Group has earned the recognition as one of the world’s leading producers of adhesive tapes and the pioneer of Biodegradable Tapes producer to transform Plastic base Packaging Tape into Bio-degradable Tapes.

Ethics & Compliance

SB Tape Group is committed to integrity. We adhere to the highest standards of ethics and compliance while delivering excellence to our clients with hassle-free worldwide distribution. Our integrity in upholding to ethics and compliances has built solid confidence of our customers that SB Tape Group is a partner they can trust and collaborate in the long run.

Todate, SB Tape Group is a Sedex member and ISO 9001 certified, and has been awarded with various outstanding industrial awards from Malaysia and overseas.

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