Tapes used in Warehouse, Factories, Logistics Sorting Facility

Best Quality Tapes

Speed, Productive

Machine Tape

Longer length with performance

820 General Purpose Acrylic

Holding Power  ★★
Residue free      ★

826 NRS Non Residual (Hotmelt Alternative)

Holding Power  ★★★
Residue free      ★★★

SBT machine roll
SBT840 Freezer Grade
(Hotmelt/Rubber alternative)

Holding Power ★★★
Residue free     
Tack                   ★★★

Individually controlled tension

Reduce air gap and no telescope issue

High holding power

Compatible to most corrugated boxes, keeping it shut tight

Length up to 1871 M

OD < 330m, with 38micron thickness

Looking for SUSTAINABLE Products?

We also offer eco tapes in machine roll lengths.

Bio Tape

ASTM D5511 certified

Slim Tape
Slim Tape

Thinner micron with better adhesion

Recycled Film

up to 90% PCR or 60% PIR 

Other Suitable Tapes

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