Our Businesses

For Coaters and Paint Makers.

We supply superior PSA & Acrylic Based Products.

SB Tape Group has developed our very own pressure sensitive adhesives for coaters to produce into water based packaging tapes. We also develop High Performance Polymer Emulsion Products such as Pure Acrylic Paint Binders catered for Paint industries. Since all adhesives are susceptible to freezing in cold climate, we can provide special containers that allow us to ship our adhesives anywhere, any season.

  • Flexible Packaging

Loading Volume / 20GP : 20 ~ 23 Metric Tonnes

  • IBC Totes

Loading Volume / 20GP : 20 Totes or 20 MT+/-

  • Drums

Loading Volume / 20GP : 80 Drums or 17 MT+/-

Our Goods are Certified SGS, ISO, FDA, RoHS REACH.

Cash & Carry

Monday to Friday: 8.30am -12.00pm; 2.00pm-4.30pm; except weekends & public holidays

Goods are held in reservation within 3 working days only.