Tapes used in Hardware & DIY

Best Quality Tapes

Versatility, Utility and Variety

Variety that Boost your business
820 Acrylic
(General Purpose)

Holding Power    ★★
Adhesion Power 

Slim Tape
(Economical and Ecological)

Holding Power    ★★★
Adhesion Power 

Strong Bond Tape (Recycled Carton Box)

Holding Power    ★★★
Adhesion Power 
Tack                      ★★★

Fiber tear

Our tape is formulated to bond well to the fiber of the carton, fiber tear results is as soon as immediate 

Smooth Operation

Ensure efficient sealing of tapes while pulling across box

Precise Thickness

Our tape is gauged with sensitivity down to 0.001mm or 1 micron

Looking for SUSTAINABLE Products?

We also offer eco tapes that can suit your needs

Bio Tape

ASTM D5511 certified

Sticky Mat

Biohybrid sticky mat for contamination control

Recycled Film

up to 90% PCR or 60% PIR 

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