Standing Firm, after Covid-19 outbreak

A very warm greetings from SB Tape to all our friends and partners from all over the world!
We find it necessary to drop you a note to update you about the situation on our side as well as to try to share some of our thoughts with you for us to go through this challenging times with each other.

Inevitably, during February 2020 our raw material supplies have been impacted from this virus outbreak and caused hindrances from our upstream suppliers. However, leveraging on the experiences gained from the past 31 years in tape industry, we are able to mitigate the supply disturbances right after the outbreak happened.

We seek an earlier and firm demand request from our clients.
Let us share some of our actions that could be relevant to your needs now or future. Firstly, SB has taken immediate action to increase our raw materials purchases from suppliers who could still supply to us although at higher cost. This helped us to moderate the shortage in supply of raw materials for February and March. We are continuously monitoring closely with our suppliers from multiple countries on their supplying condition during this period of time.  However, we find that it is very important to gain prompt demand and requirement from our clients in order to effectively mitigate the supply and demand situation.  We will try to keep our supply sufficient for our clients while keeping the pricing as competitive as possible. However, this very much relies on the coordination between the supply and demand; clients’ firm order request shall ensure our most effective action on raw materials sourcing to secure a continuation of our goods supply.

Secondly, we have increased our production shifts in order to catch up the loss of production in February while facing insufficient of raw materials supply. We are sorry that we may not be able to fulfill all of your orders, but we shall ensure that our partners are able to receive partial goods supply in order not to cause an out-of-stocks issue.

Going forward, we would say that it is still tight for us on the material allocation over the orders we have received that could have spilled over till April for now.  However, we have been open and effective with our clients to plan their orders for the necessary shipment date.  Given sufficient lead time, we shall ensure our clients that they will not be facing out-of-stock situation. We hope that with a good foundation of understanding and mutual trust built with our clients, we are able to go through this crisis together.  We pray for a speedy recovery, but all of us shall be prepared to go through this unforeseen virus outbreak that may last as long as it may take.

At SB, we want to thank you for your trust and opportunity given to us to help safeguard your best interest during this challenging time. 

Last but not least, seeing how Covid-19 has shaken the global marketplace, impacted business and some into people’s lives, our prayers go to you and your family.


Stay Safe, Stay Calm.

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