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Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) RPET Tape


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RPET840-30 is a product that supports circular economy by collecting post-consumer PET bottles then converting to RPET film.

Our RPET840-30 contains more than *70% recycled PET and the adhesive used is environmentally friendly as it does not contain any solvents.

* SGS certified under ASTM D3418


  1. Be part of the circular economy that contributes to lesser plastic wastes ending up in landfill /ocean.
    Reduce PET Bottle Waste
    pet bottle recycled tape  
    Cutting away the need to create virgin plastic, net zero carbon produced from making the film.

  2. Seal twice as much box than normal tapes
    With the inherent strength of PET plastic, it can achieve improved tensile performance even with smaller micron measurements.

    PCR RPET tape can hold twice as much length of two rolls in just onepcr tape benefits

SBTG best features in one tape:

  1. Excellent adhesion properties
    Our PCR tape can withstand applications that are meant for standard packaging tapes which are 15 microns thicker

  2. High tear resistant
    Does not tear when unwinding or from the sides
  3. Not easily stretched
    PCR tape elongation 110% vs BOPP tape elongation >150%
  4. Products are manufactured responsibly with Sedex SMETA guideline


  5. Can be Printed, made for long machine roll length

  6. rPET can be recycled back again provided recycling facility has technology to separate water based adhesives from the rPET film. 
Total thickness:30 micron
Backing:Recycled PET film
Adhesive:Acrylic Emulsion
Width:24, 36, 48, 72mm
Length:Up to 2000M; Constrained by OD < 380mm
*SGS Certificate and technical specification can be provided upon request.

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