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Standard Tapes / Office & Stationery Tape / SB-RA705 Masking Tape – Stickie

SB-RA705 Masking Tape – Stickie

SB tape Stickie meets your requirements and value for money.

  • Suitable for general purpose, office and home usage.
  • For bundling, holding, splicing and labeling.

Peel Adhesion:> 5.5 N/25mm

Ball Tack: no. > 9.0

Tensile Strength: > 62.5 N/25mm

Holding Power: > 2.5 hrs

Elongation: <20 %

Temperature Resistance: 0 ~ 60 °C

Finish Roll (Ex-stocks)

12MM X 15Y
18MM X 15Y
24MM X 15Y

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