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R705 Industrial Masking Tape

R series is an industrial grade product. It made of a thin and easy-to-tear paper that can be tear by hand. It is a general use masking tape with crepe paper as backing and coated with rubber on one side which capable of holding, sealing, bundling and non-critical masking applications.

It is designed for residential construction and painting application (metal preparations, painting and coating), masking for automotive paintings and other vehicles, carpet fixing, splicing, bundling, tabbing and non-critical painting applications for not more than 24 hours.

Jumbo Roll

1395 MM X 1800M

Finish Roll (Ex-stocks)

12MM X 20Y
18MM X 20Y
18MM X 25Y
24MM X 25Y
36MM X 20Y
36MM X 25Y
48MM X 20Y
48MM X 25Y
60MM X 20Y
60MM X 25Y
72MM X 20Y

(Other width & length available with bulk orders)

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