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Standard Tapes / OPP Tape / 826NRS Machine Roll (up to 2000 meters)

826NRS Machine Roll (up to 2000 meters)​

OPP Packaging tape is made of bi-axially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film coated with acrylic emulsion adhesive or hybrid adhesive. Used as shipping box sealing tape, auto carton sealer line and over lamination for labor.

Smooth unwind on a carton sealer machine and leaves non-residue on the rollers of carton sealers. Highly recommended for medium till hi-speed automatic carton sealing line where continuous run is critical without cleaning and changeover of tape rolls.

Peel Adhesion: > 4.0 ~ > 6.0

Ball Tack: #14 (< 40)

Tensile Strength: > 55 ~ > 90

Holding Power: > 40.0hrs

Elongation:> 70 ~ > 110%

Application Temperature:0 ~ 60 °C

Jumbo Roll

1280 MM X 4000M

1280 MM X 8000M

1610 MM X 4000M

1610 MM X 8000M

Finish Roll (Ex-stocks)

48mm X 50m

48mm X 100m

(Other width & length available with bulk orders)

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