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R701HM Self Adhesive Eco Kraft Tape ​

This Eco Kraft tape is self adhesive and can be applied onto carton boxes without the need of segregating the tape and carton for recycling.

It is made with paper based kraft material with zero plastic lamination on its backing, so it is writeable with any kind of pen or pencil.

Its excellent tack properties and resistance to cold temperature up to -20oC is also a choice for any closure application for boxes to be put away in freezer for long period of time.

  • Writeable
  • Recycleable
  • Repulpable
  • Fully degradable

Peel Adhesion: ≥ 10 N/25mm

Tensile strength: ≥ 40 N/25mm                       

Ball tack: 12 N/cm

Holding power:> 2.5 hr          

Service Temperature -20oC ~ 60oC

Application Temperature: 10oC ~ 40oC

Finish Roll (Ex-stocks)

48MM X 114 M
60MM X 114 M
72MM X 114 M

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