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303 / 305 Industrial Grade Cloth Tape

Cloth tape is a unique solvent rubber adhesive tape with polyethylene laminated cloth.

  1. Durable performance and High Tensile Strength.
  2. Suitable for heavy duty carton sealing up to 35kg on double wall boxes, binding of books & carpet joining, identifying of package contents & destinations, strapping & binding.

Peel Adhesion: > 9.0 N/25mm

Ball Tack: no. 15 ~ 17

Tensile Strength: > 12.0 kgf/mm

Elongation: 12%

Service Temperature: 0 ~ 80 °C

Jumbo Roll

1250MM X 1800M

Finish Roll (Ex-stocks)

24MM X 7Y
36MM X 7Y
48MM X 7Y
60MM X 7Y
72MM X 7Y

(Other width & length available with bulk orders)

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