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PF-D40 Series Double Sided PET Tape

PF-D40 series is a transparent double sided self-adhesive tape consist of flexible thin filmic PET backing with tackified acrylic adhesive.

(Low VOC available)

HR : 50 – 120 mic
MR : 100 – 200 mic

  1. Fixing of Reflection foil on LED/LCD frame.
  2. Mounting of plastic and foam parts for E&E home appliances, medical instruments and automotive interior parts.
  3. Lamination of nameplates, components for Electrical & Electronic appliances.

Tape thickness : 30 μm / 50 μm / 100μm / 160 μm / 200 μm
Adhesive Type : Modified Acrylic (Solvent Base)
Liner type : PE Coated Paper
Liner Thickness : 120 μm
Backing Material : PET Film
Temperature Resistance Short : 120° C
Temperature Resistance Long : 80° C
Chemical Resistance : GOOD
UV Resistance : VERY GOOD

  1. Excellent Adhesion level on various kinds of plastic materials and metal surfaces.
  2. High adhesion level relative to low thickness of adhesive. Good repulsion resistance.
  3. Excellent temperature & heat resistance and excellent dimension stabilities after die-cut process.
  4. Provide excellent support and stability for full and half die-cut process.

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