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Post Industrial Recycled (PIR) RBOPP Tape


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846-rBOPP is a product that supports circular economy by recycling post-industrial BOPP film wastes re-processed into new recycled BOPP film.

This PIR rBOPP tape contribute environment sustainability due to re-use of post-industrial resin (PIR), contains more than *30% – 60% recycled BOPP and the adhesive used is environmentally friendly as it does not contain any solvents.

* Testing standards:
DIN EN ISO 14021:2021-10
DIN EN 15343:2008-02


  1. Be part of the circular economy that contributes to lesser plastic wastes ending up in landfill /ocean.
    Post Industrial Recyclates getting second life

    By eliminating the need to create virgin plastic,  30%- 60% carbon emissions saved in using rBOPP film.



  2. rBOPP tape is the most similar alternative to conventional OPP Packaging tapes yet more sustainable.
    rBOPP film retain the same technical properties as normal BOPP film, the offered thickness is more variable : 38 – 50mic & it does not change user behavior.

  3. rBOPP can be recycled back again provided recycling facility has technology to separate water based adhesives from the rBOPP film. 
  1. Tape that can perform in various surfaces for light duty box sealing / bundling purposes

  2. Similar tear resistance & stretch to normal BOPP
    Does not tear when unwinding or from the sides
  3. Products are manufactured responsibly with Sedex SMETA guideline
  4. Can be Printed, made for long machine roll lengths
Total thickness:38 – 50 micron
Backing:Recycled BOPP film
Adhesive:Acrylic Emulsion
Width:24, 36, 48, 72mm
Length:Up to 2000M; Constrained by OD < 380mm
*DIN Certificate and technical specification can be provided upon request.

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