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PF-D45 Series Double Sided PET Tape (Black)

PF-D45 series is a double sided self-adhesive tape consist of flexible filmic PET backing with black tackified acrylic adhesive.

  1. LED/LCD light shielding fixing purpose and fixing of Reflection foil on LED/LCD frame.
  2. Mounting of LCD panel to metal frame
  3. Mounting of backlight to LCD panel
  4. Lamination of nameplates for Electrical & Electronic Appliances.

Tape thickness : 100μm / 150 μm
Adhesive Type : Modified Acrylic (Solvent Base)
Liner type : PE Coated Paper
Liner Thickness : 120 μm
Backing Material : PET Film
Temperature Resistance Short : 150° C
Temperature Resistance Long : 80° C
Chemical Resistance : GOOD
UV Resistance : VERY GOOD

  1. Very good light shielding or opacity performance and excellent bonding strength to most common substrates.
  2. Excellent temperature, repulsion & heat resistance.
  3. Good stiffness due to specially formulated acrylic adhesive and provide excellent support and stability for die-cut process.

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