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SB-PE Cloth Tape – Yojo Curing Tape

Yojo Tape
Designed with Japanese Technology and Ingredients, Made in Malaysia.
  • Excellent workmanship – straight cut
  • High tensile strength
  • Clean removable
  • Sticks and holds well on different surfaces
Color available: Light Green
  • Specially designed for handcrafts, household use that promises free of mess.
  • Our PE Cloth tape is made up of 48 mesh PE Cloth that is well knitted and ensure straight cut at the desired length.
  • Adhesive is specially formulated so that it is clean removable on various surfaces like glass, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

Structure: PE film, Cloth Mesh

Thickness: 130micron +/- 3mic

Available upon request

Finish Roll 

50mm x 25M

Jumbo roll

1140 x 6000M

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